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Last Weekend in June (Saturday 29th and Sunday 30th June 2018)

Horndon-on-the-Hill, Essex, SS17 8LD

This traditional event dates back to the 13th Century when the village was granted a Royal Charter to hold a feast and celebration on the last weekend in June.

The event was revived in 1974 when a descendant of the original squire of the area was asked to preside over a pleasantly warm weekend and about a dozen runners attempted the first ever Horndon 10k. This somewhat gruelling yet very enjoyable challenge has now become a highlight of the weekend's activities and does bring scores of serious athletes and fun runners back to Horndon for what is a great family day out.

The village Feast & Fayre is part of Britain’s heritage and the organiser’s of this event are committed to keeping that tradition alive and well in Thurrock. The preservation and enhancement of Horndon-on-the-Hill is a high priority. It remains one of the most charming and historically intriguing villages in this area.

There’s lot of history in our village for those willing to explore and there are plenty of locals willing to tell a tale or two. So go and explore and don’t be afraid to ask questions!

Scottish Pipers in High Road


What's it all about?

To provide a weekend of entertainment and interest for village residents and visitors alike;

The preservation and enhancement of the village;

The provision of funds to local charities and organisations;

The entertainment we lay on is designed to provide fun and interest to all ages and has included:

·         Street entertainers

·         Live music

·         Blacksmith display

·         Hot and cold food and drinks

·         Craft displays & sales; including traditional wood turning

·         Charity displays and sales

·         Special interest and activity displays – Local history, Astronomy, Walking, Falconry, Archery, Bee keeping

·         Vintage cars, vintage tractors, static engine display

·         10k Road Race see http://www.horndon10k.co.uk/

and much more, the High Road is lined with a diverse variety of stalls and entertainment.


Every year the Feast and Fayre has a different “theme”. Stallholders and volunteers are encouraged to dress appropriate to the chosen theme. Some visitors also dress up, but that is optional. The bringing together of people of all ages, from all backgrounds, to a village steeped in history, to sell traditional wares, raise money for charity, enjoy all types of entertainment and generally make merry is uniquely and quintessentially British.


We aim to provide a great weekend of entertainment. To gain entry visitors are requested to purchase a programme which, together with the purchase of a raffle ticket, will help to provide funds for the preservation and enhancement of Horndon-on-the-Hill, which remains one of the most picturesque villages in the area. We also donate funds raised by the Feast & Fayre to local organisations. A few examples are the church roof replacement project and the provision of equipment for our school. We also support our parent organisation The Horndon Society/Community Forum.

All proceeds go to these or other good causes and all the members of the Feast and Fayre organisational committee are volunteers.



9.00 am Roads Close

10.00 Church Opening Service

11.00 Procession and Opening Ceremony Outside Village Hall

     All Day Events, Stalls, Performance, Entertainment and Other Interests. See Programme on the Day

5.00 pm Roads Re-open


9.00 am Roads Close

11.00 Horndon 10k Road Race Starts

     All Day Events, Stalls, Performance, Entertainment and Other Interests. See Programme on the Day

5.00 pm Roads Re-open


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The village

The church of Saints Peter & Paul, the centre of our village, dates back to the 13th century. It is accessed via the lych-gate in Orsett Road although there is another pedestrian entrance on the corner of Mill Lane. A lych-gate is a roofed gateway at the entrance to a churchyard where, to this day, the priest meets the bodies of the dead.

The earliest part of the building was consecrated in 1230AD and a porch was added in the 15th century. A proportion of the flint, rubble & Kentish ragstone that form the main construction material are from the Roman era.

At the north of the building here can be seen a hole through the wall where people with infectious diseases could hear the service without coming into contact with the congregation.

The most stunning view has undoubtedly to be the huge timber and peg jointed structure of the belfry. To see this come during a Sunday service or visit during the Feast & Fayre where the Flower Festival takes place which is always a haven of peace and tranquillity. The church is open most Saturday mornings for visitors.

In addition to the church there are a number of historic buildings, as noted below:

·         Halls Row cottages - 17th Century, The Woolmarket - 16th Century, Country Fayre - 15th Century, The Bell Inn - 15th Century, Hill House - 17th Century, High House 16th Century, The Old House - 16th Century, Grices - 16th Century

More information can be obtained from a booklet entitled 'Saffron, Cider & Honey' available from our village shop - Country Fayre, or from the Horndon Society stall at the Feast and Fayre.

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Contact information

Are you a craftsperson with displays you would like to share with the visitors to our event?

Click Here to Download/Print a stall holder's application form

[or if you have problems with the pdf try these:- Booking form page 1 of 2 and Booking form page 2 of 2 ]

Or if you require further information or would like to comment on this website:-

Contact us on info@horndon-feastandfayre.co.uk

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Other Links – (not necessarily Feast and Fayre Weekend)

We must make a special mention of the Stanford-le-Hope Squadron of the ATC. Their help in organising the parking, setting up and taking down the stalls, and helping in many other ways is really valuable. We recommend anyone who has a spirit of adventure, wants to develop their leadership skill and have an exciting time take a look at the ATC. See http://www.1582atc.co.uk/home.php

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